A Garment You MIGHT Wish to Be Caught Dead In

Guest blogger Joanna Shears caught my attention because she writes about death in an even jauntier tone than I. In her Twitter profile @winding_blog, she styles herself as a “promoter of death positivity,” and in her blog she largely focuses on creative funeral planning. This September 26, 2014 post of hers is about designer shrouds and how we ourselves can be the designers!

The Winding Sheet

As I’m always banging on about the importance of preparing for your own funeral in advance I thought it was time for me to shut up, put my money where my mouth is and get on with it. Having thought long and hard about what kind of disposal and ceremony I want I have decided on an eco woodland burial (hopefully in the same woodland as my nan). I’m super passionate about funerals that give something back to the earth instead of taking from it. I don’t want to be buried in a big wooden lead-lined coffin and if anyone even thinks about embalming me I’m coming back to haunt you!

With this in mind I have decided to forego a coffin completely and be laid to rest in a shroud (aka winding sheet). These days shrouds can come in all different designs and shapes and materials but basically a…

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2 thoughts on “A Garment You MIGHT Wish to Be Caught Dead In

  1. I smiled at your remark, Karen, about Joanna Shears’ style being in an ‘even jauntier tone’ than your own. I feel it is healthier to take this attitude to death rather than to keep a hushed silence on the subject as we tended to in the past. For myself, I fear illness but, having seen several family deaths at close quarters, I have come to look on it as something peaceful and, apart from those left behind to grieve, positive. And, of course, inevitable.
    I was impressed with Joanna’s insistence on an eco-friendly funeral, and admired the beautiful shrouds she pictured; in her own words: ‘incredibly poetic and gorgeous’.
    I hope she does finish the one she intends to make for herself before, as she puts its, she ‘kicks the bucket’.
    I agree: ‘Talking about death won’t kill you’.

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