Why I Sing To People Who Are Dying

Announcement: This is the title of my guest post in a new blog called samada.com, which I think of as a one-stop shopping place for all your end-of-life needs.  The link to my post there is https://samada.com/health/singing-to-people-who-are-dying/

Tomorrow May 25, 2018 you can stop in to Offbeatcompassion for my book review of Starting With Goodbye by Lisa Romeo, who talks of dealing with her ambivalent grief through imaginary conversations with her father after he is gone.




3 thoughts on “Why I Sing To People Who Are Dying

  1. Roxi St. Clair says:

    Great article! When my grandmother was slipping away from us, I used to play the ukelele for her and sing as best I could and most of the time, it would bring her back, even momentarily. She would smile, sometimes hum or tap her fingers. She had Alzheimer’s & dementia and used to sing to the soldiers for the USO during WWII, so most of the songs I played were from the big band era. It was awesome bringing her back, even for moments at a time. More than once, other residents in the nursing facility would wander in and I could tell they were enjoying it too.


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