My Condolences

Some time ago I wrote this condolence poem. I offer it here for the comfort it may provide for you or for someone yo know who is grieving:

These days,

May the Angel of Solace be beside you

Every time you wake,

And the loving touch of friends and family

Sustain you before each nightfall.

May the bittersweet release of

Fear, hurt, sadness and gratitude

Reassemble the scattered shards of your soul.


4 thoughts on “My Condolences

  1. leaf1231 says:

    Your poem reminds me of today’s sermon. peace, Leaf



  2. Caroline says:

    Thanks for sharing Karen. It’s beautiful. Moments when one wakes and the end of the day are such hard moments, aren’t they?


  3. Lewis, Teresa says:

    I like this!


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