Whimsy (Surely You Are Up For Some Comedy)

I am a little nervous, because this is the first time I have been a chaplain for a dragon. My client will be coming on Zoom shortly. I wonder what her concerns might be and why she wants to talk with me? Let’s find out…

Bonnie the Dragon: At last! A human who is not so self-absorbed to assert that dragons don’t exist. (As she speaks, I take in her spongy sandals on her stubby legs and a rock necklace that looks like it could slip off her neck and over her head at any moment.)

Chaplain Karen: That must be frustrating to no end.

Bonnie: Tell me about it! (She hops up a couple of times in emphasis.) Even those few who do know we are real, think such ludicrous things like we all have to be male. Dummies, how do you think we have babies? And they think we breathe fire. You have got to be kidding. We’d not last more than minutes. That is not fire, it is a glowing chemical that makes it easy for us to see at night and also deters some predators. Above all, I really hate it when humans portray us as the bad guys who must be vanquished lest we do some unfriendly things to a princess in distress.

Chaplain K: The things that people think!

Bonnie: (She gently moves her shiny tail up and down, perhaps in pleasure at hearing me validate her feelings the way a dog wags its tail in content or humans lift up their lips into a smile.) And now the tables have turned.

Chaplain K: Whoa, where are you going with this?

Bonnie: Well, just as people think dragons should be banished or slain, a teeny virus is now banishing you all in quarantine, and killing some of you. Not that I am glad about this, but it should make everyone think again about us dragons with more compassion.

Chaplain K: You’re right. Sometimes we only learn things the hard way. Maybe we should unite, and defeat the virus and dragon stereotypes together.

Bonnie: Now you’re talking! Gosh, I feel so much better being heard, and the meeting did not drag on at all.

Chaplain K: Oh, that is so funny!

Bonnie: Huh?

Chaplain K: We’ll talk about that next time; my next client is scheduled shortly. Take good care.


For more of Karen’s offbeat compassion, see her at Twitter: https://twitter.com/chaplainkkaplan

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