The Winning Number Is…

It was Doug’s lucky day. He had bought a lottery ticket based on his mother’s three-digit room number at the hospice facility she was just admitted to. While he did not win the mega prize, he got a satisfying amount because his ticket bore the reverse of the actual winning number. But I was surprised to hear he had based his bet on anything related to hospice. Seems like he would have bet on something more desirable and “lucky” like his best friend’s phone number or the number of miles it took to reach his favorite sports arena from home. If anything if I were in his place I would bet that using a number related to hospice would jinx my chances, like using the number thirteen.

Or was Doug hoping that by using her room number, he would bring luck to his mom’s chances at survival?  I hope trying to avert her fate was not what he had in mind, because it just so happened that his mother died a handful of hours later. Perhaps he thought linking any number at all associated with his mother to that lottery ticket would tip the odds in his favor. Whatever the motive, he was certainly trying to turn something negative into something positive.

What we know for sure is that Doug will always remember this particular ticket, which did defeat enormous odds and win a prize. I hope its close association with his mother’s end will not distress him, but remind him of how lucky he was to have had such a mother, whose love had brought him so much good fortune throughout his life up to the absolute end of hers.