Other Sites that are Offbeat Yet Compassionate


Threshold Choir http://thresholdchoir.org/ This is a worldwide organization that has choirs in several cities, who sing to the sick and dying. You can ask them about singing in one or ask to be sung to. See my post of July 23, 2013 for a narrative account of my own experience at one of their rehearsals: https://offbeatcompassion.wordpress.com/2013/07/23/a-choir-rehearsal-that-grew-into-two/

Pleasing bright images, deep layers of meaning: https://www.kristadedricklai.com/ Krista Dedrick Lai is a painter and mixed media artist living and working in south Philadelphia. Krista makes energetic, colorful and provocative paintings and mixed media pieces inspired by the energy and architecture of Philadelphia as well as experience as a woman, mother and person with chronic illness. Her work has been shown in a number of Philadelphia galleries such as Space 1026 and High Five Gallery, as well as galleries in New Orleans, LA, Teaneck, NJ and Wilmington, DE. Full disclosure: the artist designed my book cover for Curiosity Seekers.

Expired and Inspired http://www.jewishjournal.com/expiredandinspired/ This blog is about how the living care for the dead via Jewish ways to “midwife souls on their journey.” In particular, this will be of supreme interest to those who prepare the Jewish dead for burial and comfort the bereaved.

The Odd and Unmentionable http://acuriouscure.com/ This blog “considers dying and other curious things.” Dia Osborn, who has done hospice work and unexpected occupations  including trampoline coaching, “looks at subjects like death and other offbeat topics” with a sense of curiosity. Though her blog has been inactive, her fine writing is timeless.

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